About Us

Pattycakes is the result of a conversation between a seven year old and his mom. Owner, Angela Gordillo, was making dinner one night when her youngest son asked, “Mommy, what did you want to be when you were a little girl?” She answered the question by simply saying, “For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a graphic designer, I wanted to design CD covers.” Always filled with follow-up questions the inquisitive little one asked, “Did it ever change?” Angela responded, “well, I always thought I would be doing something creative, something where I was making stuff with my hands.” A few minutes later, Angela questioned, “Why did you ask me that?” Never lifting his eyes from his coloring book, he casually said, “I just wanted to know what your dream was.”

In that moment, Angela knew that it was evident to her seven-year-old son, and probably everyone else, that she was not living a life inspired by her dreams. Encouraged by the conversation and motivated by her love of all things sweet, Pattycakes began to take shape. With recollections of the desserts that filled her childhood, as well as the ones loved by her own children, Angela got to work on creating cupcakes to echo the flavors of those delicious memories. Recipes were constantly being developed and revamped until the tiny little cakes were just perfect. 

After nearly a year of  recipe development, it was time to get it all going. Deciding on a name was pretty easy, Pattycakes was named after the person that taught Angela how to bake and how to dream, her mom, Patricia. With the help of an old friend, the logo design was created and the website was started.
Everything about Pattycakes is inspired and connected to family, right down to the name of the company. Every recipe has its own story behind it and was intentionally created for the menu. We strive to bring you the best little cupcake you’ve ever eaten so that we can be a part of your family’s memories too! Sweet Dreams!



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